"Honey, through my delirium, I saw that scary Fiona Blue dressed to kill (literally) and heard those post-punk gothic sounds and decided it was time to pop my last Xanax..."

The "Lady" Bunny, HX Magazine

Dressed to kill: "Scary" Antony attempts to burn down The Pyramid  



"...A freewheeling camp dramedy that plays Monday nights at The Pyramid and turns no one away. Try to drag yourself away from the bar where the video monitors showcase unjustly forgotten explotation films like Fleshpots of Times Square. The Blacklips performances are even more temptuously appealing, the one I caught being a demented riff on The Hunchback Of Notre Dame brimming with romance, drag, lip-synch, interpretive dances about injustice, and even some real pathos. The troupe carries their scripts on stage and revels in its slipshoddiness - one character died while holding out the mike for another actor to take - but that's not to be confused with amatuerishness. Their fractured fairy tales are really inspired...


Michael Musto, The Village Voice

Slipshodding Away: Blacklippers get carried away in Earthquake  



"The Blacklips Performance Cult is an avant-garde drag theater troupe in search of a National Enquirer headline: 'Mutants and Sex Punks Take Over Manhattan' or 'Cross-Dressing Aliens Horrify Local Audiences..."


Ron Lasko, Next Magazine

"Sex Punks Take Over Manhattan" : Sexy Sissy Fitt  


Extremely weird and extremely talented, the Blacklips Performance Cult...initially a small group of eccentric types put on a script...using wildly diverse elements of spectacle and pop/camp themes. Their theatrical style seems a melange of drag burlesque, Living Theatre abstraction, and Butoh-esque stylized movement. Most of their images entrance with their chaotic power, and some are actually funny...


John Michael Koroly, The Off-Off Broadway Review

Butoh-esque?: Kabuki Starshine as Rodan in Godzilla  


"Way back in 1992, deep inside a steamy East Village "homo-haunt", a petri dish of twisted culture warmed and became the Cult. Thought they were loonier than the Moonies and hipper than the Hare Krishnas, the Cult never found its audience. But this collective of bizarre mutants and underground sex punks evolved again into Blacklips, which continued performing great multimedia spectacles of beauty and violence..."


Time Out New York

Beauty meets Violence : Lost Forever and Flloyd in 13 Ways To Die


"Black Lips Performance Cult deserves much applause. This eccentric and expansive group creatively adapts scripts and brings them to life on the Pyramid stage. The night is a sanctuary for the para-theatrical or those who transcend typical theater...The raw non-conforming talent supercedes traditional acting which is both shocking and exciting...the shows might go on a bit late but the unforgettable performances, set designs and costumes are well worth the lost of sleep."


BT Magazine

Transcending traditional theater: The Cult adapts Jean Genet's Our Lady Of The Flowers


"The Blacklips Performance Cult is not a group that can be defined in any one way. They are not a "gay group" even though they have many gay members. They are not part of the local "queer" art scene...their collective combines artists of all sexualities and gender identifications. Though they have few, if any, heterosexual males in the group at a given time, their focus is not to grab a political label for the group. Also, Antony sees the scene of identifying niches as one of marketing and promotion. "We're at the bottom of the ladder,' said Antony. Blacklips members typically recieve welfare and only earn $5 a week as part of the group..."


The Washington Square News

Few, if any, heterosexual males? : The gals of Blacklips butch up for John Rechy's Rushes



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