Blacklips founder, Antony, can currently been seen about town with his orchestra, The Johnsons. Antony And The Johnsons have released their first album "Blue Angel" and follow up single "I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy" on World Serpent Records. Catch the Orchesta live in New York. For more information and show dates visit Antony's website:


Dean Novotny (aka Sissy Fitt) now resides in Pittsburgh, PA and has staged many several theatrical productions in the Blacklippian Tradition there. Currently, Sissy will be staging an original producton "The Ballad of Captain Star Hollow and The Rings of Freedom", which promises to be "a full-length sci-fi rock opera". Playing in Pittsburgh, PA, August 23-September 1. For specific dates, times and more information, click here.


Many Blacklippers went on to perform at NYC's longest running nigthclub cum night theatre MOTHER. Featuring the popular theme nights Jackie 60 and Click and Drag, MOTHER closed its doors last year. However, the club lives online and is about to reincarnate itself physically in the new East Village space, DADDY. Many Blacklippers will be sure to be seen performing and lounging in this new nightclub space. Already on tap for the opening weekend is Lost Forever (now performing as Madame Cheval). For more information on MOTHER, its upcoming events, and its archive, visit:


Currently in post-production is the first full-length film to emerge from the Blacklips consciousness. JACK THE RIPPER was a seminal staple of the Blacklips Cult, originally penned by Lost Forever. Flloyd has reinterpreted the script as a film starring much of the original cast. The film is slated to premiere this Halloween. More information to come.


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