All performances were staged on Monday nights
at the Pyramid Club in NYC
except as listed in italics.
Each play's author is noted in parentheses.


12th: The Scarlet Letter (Antony)
13th: [Jackie 60] "Stigmata 54" (featuring Antony, Johanna Constantine, and Psychotic Eve)

19th: Our Lady of the Flowers (Antony)

26th: Revenge of Blacklips (Antony)

Hattie, Artony, Lily, and James F Murphy's legs in Revenge of Blacklips

2nd: The Ghosts of the Pyramid (Antony)
9th: The Blue Angel (Antony)
16th: The Descent into Hell (Antony)
23rd: Spectra (Johanna Constantine)
25th: [PEACE] Blacklips' "Thanksgiving Day Parade"
30th: The Ascent into Heaven (Antony)

7th: The Glass Arcade (Johanna Constantine)
14th The Palomar Ballroom (Hattie Hathaway)
15th: [Jackie 60] "Santatorium" (featuring Antony, Johanna and Eve)
21st: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Psychotic Eve)
28th: Sleeping Beauty (Antony)


4th: The Most Beautiful Woman in the World (Antony/Johanna Constantine)
11th: The Swiss Family Donner Party (Psychotic Eve)
18th: Frankenstein (Lost Forever)
25th: Dracula (Hattie Hathaway)


Howie Pyro and Kabuki Starshine
in Frankenstein


1st: Pyromania (Lily of the Valley)
8th: Hellraiser 4 (Johanna Constantine)
15th: Jack the Ripper (Lost Forever)
22nd: Jem and the Holograms (Flloyd)


Flloyd as Jack the Ripper


1st: Hunch! (Lost Forever)
2nd: [Jackie 60] "Jackie Awards" Antony, Johanna and Eve awarded "Best New Artists"
8th: Revelations (Lily of the Valley)
15th: The Funeral of Fiona Blue (Antony)
22nd: Charlie's Angels (Psychotic Eve)
29th: Class Nine Nuclear Mishap: Greenwood Mississippi (Clark Render)

Antony, Sissy, Lily, and Eve in Class Nine Nuclear Mishap

5th: Alice in Wonderland (Marc Borders)
12th: Starvation (Antony)

Johanna Constantine and Hattie's
corpse in Starvation

Lily of the Valley presents the birth of Clay Woman

19th: Nashville (Flloyd)
20th: [Jackie 60] "Klausferatu" (featuring Antony, Johanna and Eve)
26th: Spectra II (Johanna Constantine)

3rd: The Killer Inside Me (Hattie Hathaway)
10th: Sodom (Anonymous)

Flloyd in Sodom

11th: [Jackie 60] Jack the Ripper (Lost Forever)
17th: The Vampires (Psychotic Eve)
24th: Clay World (Lily of the Valley)
31st: Kill Me, Lovely (Whitey Sterling)


Lost Forever and Clark Render

7th: Tooth - A Disco Butoh (Flloyd)
14th 100 Million Years of Loneliness (Antony)
21st: The Any Fischer Story (Lulu)
28th: The Cactus Tree Motel (Hattie Hathaway)

5th: Herr Klunch's Magic Carpet Ride (Herr Klunch)
12th: The Socialite (James F. Murphy)
19th: Your Cigarette (Lost Forever)
26th: Myra (Colin)
27th: [Jackie 60] Blacklips Cabaret

James F. Murphy in Myra

2nd: The Wings of Honnimies (Johanna Constantine)
9th: The Roman Spring of Sissy Fit (Sissy Fit)
16th: Miss Destiny's Fabulous Wedding (Hattie Hathaway)
23rd: Hansel and Gretal - A Punk Fairy Tale (Lulu)
28th: [The Ball] Blacklips Cabaret
30th: Cinderella (Marc Borders)

Herr Klunch


6th: Post Wigstock Party: Jack the Ripper (Lost Forever)
14th: The Dissappearance of Hattie (Hattie Hathaway)
20th: [Barneys NY] The motley ensemble is transported in white stretch limousines to a
new department store where Johanna unveils her "Toast Dress"

Sold to the highest bidder

20th: The Revenge of Blacklips (Antony) / Blacklips Awards Show (Flloyd)
27th: The Glass Arcade (Johana Constantine)

4th: The Blue Angel (Antony)
11th: The Vampires (Psychotic Eve)
18th: Come Back to the Pyramid, Fioni Blue, Fioni Blue (Flloyd)
25th: Ultraviolence (Love Forever)

1st: The Rings of Freedom (Sissy Fitt)
2nd: [Soho Guggenheim] The Stations of the Cross
4th: [ZONE DK] "Verbal Abuse" The Stations of the Cross
8th: Godzilla (Clark Render)
15th: The Joker's Pantomime (Herr Klunch)
22nd: The Cat that Ate the Sun and the Moon (Hattie Hathaway)
29th: Seven (Lily of the Valley)

Lost Forever and Twinkle as "Coke"

Ru Paul and Hattie in Seven

6th: The Lethal Foes of Spiderchick (Lulu)
13th: A Blue Christmas (Lost Forever)
20th: The Red Shoes (Hattie Hathaway)
27th: The Trouble With Blacklips (Flloyd)


3rd: The Palomar Ballroom (Hattie Hathaway)
10th: The Swiss Family Donner Party (Psychotic Eve)
17th: Carmen (Pearls)
24th: The Socialite (James F. Murphy)
31th: Hollywood Babylon (Lost Forever)

7th: World of Monsters (Johanna Constantine)
11th: [Exit Art] The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian
14th: Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean (Flloyd)
21th: Tales of Terror and Tenderness (Kabuki Starshine)
28th: A Midsummer Night's Scream (Lulu)

7th: Wendy Wild Benefit: Joy in the Garden (Antony)

Ebony Jet and James F. Murphy

14th: Aunt Klunch's Lonely Waxworks (Herr Klunch)
21st: Weird Macbeth (Hattie Hathaway)
28th: What a Lovely Day to Control the World (Johanna Constantine)

Herr Klunch, Mouse and Lily of the Valley
in Joy in the Garden


4th: The Palace of Earthly Excess (Antony)
11th: Fist Full of Love (Psychotic Eve)
18th: Birth of Free Will / The Horrors of Instant Karma (James F. Murphy)
25th: Spiderchick II (Lulu)
30th: [PS1–Gallery Boudoir Series in Soho] Jack the Ripper (Lost Forever)

2nd: The Birth of Anne Frank (Antony)

Lulu and Lost Forever in The Birth of Anne Frank

9th: Rushes (Sissy Fitt)
16th: Vagina (Chloe)
23rd: The Marraige of Maria Braun (Mouse)
30th: Shysters/Earthquake (Clark Render)

6th: Copacabana (Pearls)
13th: Iteon (Jake)
20th: Boys in the Band (Hattie Hathaway)
25th: [Heritage of Pride at the West SidePiers] The Stations of the Cross
27th: The Imperial Hotel Asian Cabaret

Sissy Fitt

4th: Escape From New York (Herr Klunch)
5th: [Jackie 60] Psycho! (Lost Forever)
10th, 11th: [Village Theater] The Socialite (James F. Murphy)
11th: Go Fuck Yourself (Daniel Cartier)
18th: In the Year 2525 (Lulu)
18th, 19th: [Village Theater] The Palomar Ballroom (Hattie Hathaway)
21st: [Cucuracha] Aunt Klunch's Lonely Waxworks (Herr Klunch)

25th: Performance (Lost Forever)
24th, 25th, 26th: [Village Theater] The Roman Spring of Sissy Fitt (Sissy Fitt)

1st: Tears Like Wine (Helena Handbasket)
8th: Marlene (Jen Creighton)
15th: Pizza Slut (Clark Render)
22nd: The Ascension of Marsha P. Johnson (Antony)

Kabuki Starshine in Charlie Atlas' excerpt
from The Ascension of Marsha P. Johnson

29th: Lady on Fire Cabaret (Antony as Justin Grey, Pearls, and Coke)

5th: Tribute to Candy Darling (Psychotic Eve/Antony)
12th: Escape (Jake)
19th: Death! (Flloyd)
26th: All That Jazz (Herr Klunch)
27th: [Jackie 60] Post-Apocalyptic Cabaret: The Women of Blacklips

3rd: Winter's Coming, Spiderchick (Lulu)
10th: Three Weeks / Waiting (James F. Murphy)
17t: October Lullaby (Jen Creighton)
24th: CHOP! Homosexuals Thrill Her (Antony)
31st: Haunted House / Halloween Cabaret (Cast)
31st: [Webster Hall] Burn the Witch

Antony as Jennifer Honkytits

7th: Drag Queen With a Dick (James F. Murphy)
14th: My Name is Peaches (Psychotic Eve)
21st: The Dead Room (Helena Handbasket)
28th: Mommie Dearest (Hattie Hathaway)

5th: Cap'n Crunch on Acid (Clark Render)
12th: Naked Kiss / Shock Corridor (Lost Forever)

Lauren Pine, James, Eve and Flloyd in Shock Corridor

19th: Charlie's Angels (Psychotic Eve)
26th: Miracle Now (Antony)

Pearls and James F Murphy in Miracle Now


2nd: Leigh Bowery Memorial
9th: Sodom (Anonymous)
16th: Cabaret (Herr Klunch)
23rd: Jem and the Holograms (Flloyd)
24th: [Jackie 60] Oliver Twist (Lost Forever)
30th: Spectra (Johanna Constantine)

6th: Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! (Lulu)

Kembra Phaler, Psychotic Eve and Lulu in Faster Pussycat

13th: Lady in a Cage (James F. Murphy)
20th: Circus (James F. Murphy)
27th: Godzilla / The Shysters (Clark Render)

Lulu and the infamous chamberpot in The Shysters


6th: Spiderchick IV (Lulu)
13th: 13 WAYS TO DIE (Cast)

Mouse and Pearls in 13 Ways to Die


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